Wireless Tunnel™ Technology

Pharma-Mon Wireless Sensor Technology provides long range, high penetration, low power, wireless sensor communication. We layered the Wireless Tunnel™ protocol on Semtechs LoRa™ chirp spread spectrum radio.

Message Aknowledgment

A problem with wireless sensors is whether the messages are being received. With Pharma-Mon If messages go un-aknowledged the data is re-broadcast at the next opportunity. If the gateway is down, or sensor is out of range, data continues to be logged and not lost.

Listen Before

If two sensors broadcast at the same time packet collisions result in lost messages. Pharma-Mon sensors ensure the airwaves are clear which reduces packet collisions and un-delivered messages. This improves the reliability of the system and battery life of sensors.

Instant Threshold Broadcast

AKCP Sensors have built in intelligence. Data is constantly analyzed to check the values do not exceed your defined threshold. Sensors immediately broadcast with no need to wait for the next broadcast interval, ensuring you never miss a mission critical sensor status change.

Bandwidth Utilization

LoRa™ bandwidth restrictions make high density sensor installations problematic. We addressed this by shortening the message size. By halving the airtime, 2x the number of messages per hour can be broadcast, greatly increasing the number of sensors in high density installations.

What is LoRa?
LoRa™ is an energy efficient, long range and low cost bi-directional communications technology. Running on unlicensed frequencies it is specifically tailored towards IoT use cases. LoRa™ has the ability to penetrate walls within buildings and has superior characteristics to standard Zigbee networks both in terms of interference and range. AKCP has built upon LoRa™ with both software and hardware enhancements to create a reliable technology called Wireless Tunnel™.

Pharma-Mon Wireless Tunnel™ System

AKCP Wireless Sensor

Wireless Tunnel™ Sensors

Pharma-Mon has a range of Wireless Tunnel™ sensors for medical refrigerators, cold rooms, ambient warehouses and transport. NIST traceable certification and never need re-calibration.


Wireless Tunnel™ Gateway

Wireless sensors connect with a Pharma-Mon Wireless Tunnel™ Gateway. This gateway collects all the data from paired sensors within range, and sends the data to our cloud monitoring AKCPro Server.