Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and maintain the efficacy of your pharmaceutical products

NIST Traceable Temperature Sensor and Data Logger with built-in calibration integrity check and failover

Wireless Tunnel battery powered sensor technology. Penetrate even secure medical refrigerators used for controlled drugs.

Wireless glycol thermometer on jar

Data Logger

Realtime monitoring with alerts or data logging. Put the battery powered sensor into portable coolers or delivery trucks. Data is logged continuously and once the sensor is within range of the wireless gateway data is automatically downloaded and graphed

NIST Calibration

NIST traceable certification. Sensors are pre-calibrated at the factory and feature our calibration integrity checker technology with failover. A second pair of sensors takeover automatically if the primary pair are detected as being out of calibration.

Complete Monitoring

An end to end solution, which can be expanded beyond temperature sensors. Live monitoring and tracking of shipments, access control for drug cabinets, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data storage e-mail and SMS alerts when temperature excursions occurs.

If you care about monitoring, wouldn’t you like to know your sensor is always calibrated?

2x NIST traceable calibrated temperature sensors work together. The value is checked once a second for accuracy. If the sensor is found to be outside of stated accuracy range, an alert is sent. Sensors are also available with a failover pair of sensors. 4x NIST traceable calibrated temperature sensors function in two pairs. Should the primary pair be out of calibration, the secondary pair will automatically take over for continuous monitoring and seamless graphing.

Wireless pharmaceutical refrigerator temperature sensor with glycol jar

For use in medical refrigerators

The Pharma-Mon Temperature Sensor comes complete with a glass vial with you can fill with glycol (not supplied). This fulfills FDA requirements for temperature sensors to be submerged in glycol to act as a buffer against false temperature excursions.

The wireless radio enclosure is fully IP66 rated and seals the electronics against damp and humidity that can occur inside refrigerators and freezers. Battery life is 10 years, and are replaceable with standard AA batteries.

Temperature sensors a supplied with NIST traceable calibration certificate and do not require re-calibration. The built in calibration integrity checked features a primary pair of temperature sensors that check each others values. If we detect the pair to be out of calibration, we automatically failover to a secondary pair for continuous graphing.