AKCPro Pharma-Mon Server Central Management Software

Monitor all your Pharma-Mon sensors in a single user interface with AKCPro Server. Geographical drill down mapping, graphing, reports and alerts. Manage all your devices in one user interface. Fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

Vaccine Tracking

Track the location of your vaccines in the cold chain. Whether in transit or in storage, view live location data together with temperature data. Transfer stock, breakbulk packages, and assign to warehouses or storage facilities.

Data Graphing

Pharma-Mon sensors log data continuously. When in range of a Wireless Tunnel Gateway data synchronizes and graphs are created. Overlay multiple sensors with temperature excursions are highlighted.

Scheduled Reports

Generate PDF reports in full compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. PDFs are digitally signed. Automatically generate reports with graphs and e-mail them. Removes the need for time-consuming manual forms.

Drag and Drop Interface

visualize vaccine shipments, pallets, cartons, and vials. Where they are located in the supply chain. Drag and drop transfer of vaccine shipments between facilities and transport methods. Drill down the history of vaccines from an individual vial back to its original factory consignment.

AKCPro Pharma-Mon Server drag and drop user interface

Medical Refrigerators

Monitor your medical refrigerators with AKCPro Pharma-Mon Server. Place NIST2 glycol buffered temperature sensor in the refrigerators with Wireless Tunnel™ communication to the Gateway (WTG). Check refrigerator door status, alert when left open or accessed. Send all sensor data to Pharma-Mon Server for graphing and report generation. Monitor refrigerator inventory, expiration dates, and batch numbers. Track back a vaccine history from the refrigerator, transport, to the warehouse.

Vaccine History

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