Vaccine Delivery and Storage Monitoring

Many vaccines, and other pharmaceuticals require transport and storage within specific temperature ranges to maintain their efficacy. Pharma-Mon by AKCP provides an end to end vaccine delivery and transport monitoring system. From factory to warehouse to clinic we track the vaccines and their temperature. Live updates, realtime location data, inventory and historical view of vaccines and their path through the cold chain.

vaccine transport and delivery

Pharma-Mon Server

The AKCPro Pharma-Mon Server is the central monitoring platform for all your vaccines. Visualize your complete supply chain delivery and storage, where shipments are, where they have been and what temperature they were stored at. From a large scale rollout of vaccines nationwide, to monitoring a few storage facilities, the solution scales to your specific needs.

Wireless dual temp and humidity sensor

Pharma-Mon Sensors

NIST Traceable, Calibrated Sensors

Pharma-Mon Wireless Tunnelâ„¢ temperature sensors are NIST traceable, calibrated. With our NIST2 technology, they feature 2x temperature sensors. The values are checked for accuracy. When sensors are out of calibration an alarm is raised. If you are investing in a temperature monitoring system, wouldn’t you like to know your sensors are calibrated?


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