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Pharma-Mon by AKCP have over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of professional sensor solutions.


We do not use WiFi, Zigbee, or Bluetooth. Our Wireless Tunnel System builds upon Semtech's LoRa radio technology for superior range and penetration, while still being perfectly safe for use in medical facilities.


All our temperature sensors are put through rigorous testing procedures to ensure reliable performance. Sensors are pre calibrated with NIST traceable certification and require no re-calibration in field.


Comply with all required government regulations for monitoring of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals. Our software is FDA Part 11 compliant for the storage and retrieval of data.

Pharma-Mon Solutions

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Pharma-Mon Solutions

We provide a range of sensors for monitoring temperature and humidity in pharmaceutical storage facilities.
Wireless glycol thermometer on jar

Glycol Thermometer

NIST traceable temperature sensor

Wireless temperature sensor for medical refrigerators. Dual sensor calibration check with optional failover sensor. Complete with jar for glycol to act as a buffer for temporary fluctuations.

Wireless dual temp and humidity sensor

Dual Temperature and Humidity

Wireless Data Logger

The wireless dual temperature and humidity sensor is a dual function data logger and live monitoring device. Install in refrigerator trucks, cold rooms and warehouses.

AKCP Thermocouple sensor


For extreme temperatures

For monitoring temperatures down top -200°C (-328°F) the thermocouple device is suitable for specialist applications.


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